Month: February 2023

February 18, 2023

Publishers Empowered Summit 2023 conference

On March 9, I’ll have the honor of speaking at the Publishers Empowered Summit 2023 conference, hosted by Pubstack. The event is hosted online and anyone can attend for free. Official invitation: Edouard Brunet (Director of Strategy and Platforms Product at Publicis Media), Kim Sicko Skovgaards (Adtech & Operation Team Lead at STEP Network), and David Bauckmann (CTO at Impression Media, s.r.o.) will share their […]

February 16, 2023

History of header bidding

In December 2010[1], the OpenRTB Consortium was announced with the goal of defining a standard for real-time bidding. The standard was created in 2012 and was adopted as an IAB standard, and today we know it as the RTB protocol.   This gradually led to the emergence of a header bidding solution that enables real-time online auctioning between individual demand partners. Initially this was client-side […]