Programmatic supply chain in context

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Topics Covered In The Book


OpenRTB protocol

The information in this chapter will help you understand the OpenRTB protocol, the cornerstone of supply chains. The information presented is best suited for marketers, not developers.


Supply Chain

The most important chapter in the book delves into the philosophy of supply chains and explains them step by step.


Ad fraud

In this chapter, you will learn about ad fraud and how to recognize it and avoid it. You will also learn about fraudster practices.


Transparency projects

The IAB seeks to eliminate ad fraud with its transparency standards. Almost all players on the market make use of these standards, and you should familiarize yourself with them.



This chapter shows how important it is to keep track of the bid request on the path between advertiser and publisher and how financially beneficial optimizing that path can be.



Sustainability is the hot new topic in the advertising industry. This chapter reviews the basics of the global movement as a whole and introduces you to ways advertisers can contribute.

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What Our Readers Are Saying

David follows up with a great book on header bidding that every yield manager, ad server admin, and developer should read. He very clearly describes the technology itself, possible solutions, and their application to everyday practice. In this book you get a great overview of not only how the whole supply chain works, but also how to avoid ad fraud.

Petr Mareš (

Second David’s book on Programmatic is, again, remarkable. Well structured, easy to read, stuffed with mindblowing facts and brilliantly sourced for discipline experts. Useful both for Programatic junior position in agency or yield manager within publishing house, as well as CMO who needs to undestand how to reach for transparency and improve sustainability of the complex digital marketing efforts.

Martin Picek

David provided a truly comprehensive introduction to the AdTech industry. It's not necessary to read multiple blogs anymore. David has a unique ability to explain all aspects of AdTech with context. It's the ultimate resource for anyone in an AdOps role.

Jan Sunavec (FILMZIE)

I recommend this book not only to specialists on the publishers' side but also to every programmatic specialist. In order to get the most out of programmatic campaigns, it is important to understand how the system works in detail and, unfortunately, the systems that abuse and parasitize this ecosystem. I am very glad that the author is one of the first in our region to address the topic of sustainability and carbon neutrality in programmatic.

Matěj Kolarovsky

Once again, an extremely useful publication that has the right ambition to bring context and therefore a better understanding to all stakeholders who come into contact with this issue. I think it will definitely help any developer to better understand the context of the assignment and all yield managers to realise the complexity of the process behind the revenue number in their platform.

Eugen Cirák

The programmatic ecosystem is getting more complex every year. The journey of an ad impression from a publisher's website to an advertiser's buying system can be long and complex. At the same time, it's important for both parties to understand the process and be able to work with it and possibly optimize it. That's where this book can help – it provides a sufficiently detailed yet easy-to-understand description of the relationships in a supply chain, along with concrete examples and tips that both publishers and advertisers can use.

Lukáš Šmol (CPEx)

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About Author


David Bauckmann

I have been working in online advertising for over 20 years, the last 10 years as a programmatic advertising specialist. Prior to that, I worked in SEO and originally in website coding. I have a degree in Geographic Information Systems.

I try to see challenges with an open mind, looking for overlap and context to find the optimal solution. "Nothing stands alone, everything is part of the whole."

Throughout my career I have tried to educate myself, and the faster technology evolves, the more I miss comprehensive textbooks. So I decided to help out and create some materials that I hope will help other people in the industry.

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