April 8, 2023

Programmatic supply chain in context is published

By superadmin911

After half a year of work, I can finally announce today that my second book in the “programmatic” series is published.

In Programmatic supply chain in context you will learn all about the ad flow from advertiser to publisher including its carbon footprint, the dangers of ad fraud and how to defend against it and how to use SPO/DPO including ads.txt, sellers.json, buyers.json, SupplyChain Object and DemandChain Object.

Members of the IAB Europe, professional and educational institutions will get the book for free like last time. It’s officially on the IAB Kowledge Hub. I hope IAB members will like the book and send me their comments.

I am honored to be a member of the IAB Europe Programmatic Trading Committee and the Czech branch (called SPIR) and the Slovak IAB Slovakia.

Many thanks to everyone who helped me with the release. Especially the editors: Jörg Vogelsang, Martin Picek, Eugen Cirák, Petr Mares, Jan Sunavec, Matej Kolarovsky, Lukáš Šmol, Isabel Montalvão, Martin Holeček, Marcela Pecková and my colleagues in the team: Marcela Hofmannová, Petronela Ördögh, Marek Jeníček, Veronika Buriánková, Martin Štěrba, Jan Jindra, Martina Le Veneur, Roman Stolejda and many others. Thanks for the opportunity to use some of Dr. Augustine Fou materials. Special thanks to Beatric Trojanová for the great graphic design.